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Twisted Fiction

Returning home after her Minnesota escapade with cousin Toni, Trigger Brown yearns for normalcy. However, life has other plans. Drawn into a new mystery, Trigger's old flame seeks her help to locate his vanished fiancée—a self-published author on the brink of signing a seven-figure advertising deal before her sudden disappearance.


As Trigger dives into the perplexing case, she discovers a chilling pattern among self-published novelists: a series of unsettling accidents and mysterious disappearances. The stakes escalate when the fiancé, now the prime suspect, goes on the run to prove his innocence. Caught in a triangle of conflicting emotions, Trigger grapples with unresolved feelings for Black, her on-and-off lover, who inserts himself into the investigation.


Amidst the twists and turns of the case, Trigger must untangle the threads of deception, risking her heart and safety in the process. Will she uncover the truth behind the disturbing pattern and bring her ex's missing fiancée home, or will the flames of the past be reignited? Dive into the suspenseful world of "Twisted Fiction: A Trigger Brown Mystery Book 2" to unravel the enigma and explore the complexities of love, mystery, and self-discovery.

Twisted Fiction

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