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Trust Fund Murders

Detective Theriot, a seasoned investigator with a chip on his shoulder, finds himself in a tight spot when the Chief of Police decides to shake up the dynamics of the investigation into the Trust Fund Murders plaguing Louisiana. Forced to set aside his personal issues, Theriot must swallow his pride and accept that he's not in charge this time. The Chief pairs him up with his former partner, the legendary John "Crawfish" Crawford, a move that Theriot sees as a demotion but recognizes as necessary for solving the high-profile case.


The clock is ticking as the elite of Louisiana fall victim to a sinister plot, their trust funds turning into death warrants. The pressure intensifies when the Governor demands swift answers, and an influential billionaire insists that Crawfish takes the lead. Despite their rocky history, Crawfish and Theriot must put their differences aside and navigate the treacherous waters of privilege, deceit, and betrayal.


Reluctantly, Crawfish dives into the investigation, only to discover that the stakes are much higher than he anticipated. The trail of evidence leads him to the next potential victim: Bérengère Baptiste, the daughter of his arch-nemesis Briélle Baptiste. Torn between duty and personal history, Crawfish faces the challenge of protecting the heiress while unraveling the complex web of connections that link the victims.


As the case unfolds, Crawfish realizes that the Trust Fund Murders are not just about money; they're about revenge, old grudges, and a vendetta that goes back years. The tension escalates when the investigation uncovers a shocking revelation— the disappearance of ten million dollars and half a million dollars' worth of diamonds is intricately connected to the murders.


Crawfish and Theriot must now race against time to expose the truth before Bérengère becomes the next victim. As they navigate the opulent world of Louisiana's elite, they encounter dangerous alliances, double-crosses, and a sinister plot that threatens to expose the dark secrets of the state's wealthiest families.


In "Trust Fund Murders," the third installment of The John Crawfish Series, the duo must confront their past while untangling a web of greed and vengeance that stretches far beyond their expectations. The streets of Louisiana are about to get hotter as they race to bring justice to the victims and solve a case that hits too close to home for Crawfish.

Trust Fund Murders

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