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The Darkest Parts of Us

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice, but for Jadé Slack, it's a relentless storm. What begins as a romantic weekend getaway with her former lover Falcon quickly morphs into a living nightmare. Lured to the enigmatic Fowl Cay Islands in the Bahamas, Jadé falls into the clutches of the malevolent billionaire, Francis Bettencourt III.


Bettencourt, a mastermind of mayhem, has crafted his most dangerous game yet. No longer a mere puzzle of capers, this deadly contest pits Jadé against some of the most nefarious criminals from every dark corner of the world:

  • Birdie The Botanist: An assassin with a deadly knowledge of poisonous plants.
  • Jackal’ina: A merciless human trafficker from Mexico, known as the Coyote.
  • Eloise Fanzelli: A formidable underboss of the notorious Ndrangheta crime family.
  • Badru: A former militia leader and millionaire cyber extortionist with a ruthless edge.


Trapped and outgunned, Jadé must harness every ounce of her cunning, survival instincts, and lethal prowess. Bettencourt's twisted rules are simple: two teams, one hostage. One team must protect the hostage at all costs, while the other must track and eliminate them. The stakes are life and death—the winners claim a prize beyond their wildest dreams, while the losers face a grisly end.


As the island becomes a battleground, Jadé is forced to confront her deepest fears and darkest instincts. With danger lurking around every corner and treachery afoot, alliances are fragile, and trust is a luxury no one can afford. Every moment is a pulse-pounding race against time, where survival means embracing the darkest parts of oneself.


In this high-octane third installment of the Jadé Slack series, the intensity is cranked up to the max. Will Jadé outsmart her deadly adversaries and emerge victorious, or will she succumb to the island's sinister grip?

The Darkest Parts of Us

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