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The Cocaine Boss

In the gritty streets of Chicago, a war is raging between two formidable forces. On one side stands Blake, the young and ambitious successor to Big Heart's West Side criminal empire. His determination to solidify his position and expand his influence marks the beginning of a violent struggle for supremacy.


Facing off against Blake is Alicia Jiménez, the daughter of the Amaechi Nigerian clan operating out of Spain. Tasked with securing her clan's foothold in Chicago, Alicia inherits the throne and finds herself entangled in a dangerous game of power and control.


Caught in the crossfire is Black Love, a private detective with no allegiance to either faction. As pressure mounts from unlikely sources—Fame "Big City" Metropolis, a charismatic preacher of a mega church on the South Side; Alderman Berber, a shrewd political figure; and Game Rodgers, a self-proclaimed Gangologist—Black Love realizes that he can no longer remain a passive observer.


Initially reluctant to step into the line of fire, Black Love's hand is forced, and he must make a choice: attack or perish. In a world where you're either a worker or a boss, Black Love navigates the treacherous landscape of conflicting interests, where loyalty is a rare commodity and betrayal lurks at every corner.


The pace quickens as Black Love dives headfirst into the chaos, unraveling a web of deceit, alliances, and vendettas. With each move, the stakes heighten, and the city becomes a battleground for power and survival. In "The Cocaine Boss: A Black Love Detective Story," loyalty will be tested, alliances will be shattered, and only the cunning will emerge victorious in this pulse-pounding tale of crime, ambition, and the thin line between morality and the ruthless pursuit of power.

The Cocaine Boss

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