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The Bronzeville Ghosts

In "The Bronzeville Ghosts: A Trigger Brown Mystery Book 4," the story unfolds with a shocking twist as her date drops dead during their date. Was it natural causes or something more sinister? After being questioned and cleared, Trigger's night takes a dark turn when Anastasia Santiago, the mother of the deceased, demands she find her son's killer.


Ignoring the threat, Trigger faces ominous signs – strange men near her home, threatening texts, and a lien on her property. Investigating Anastasia, Trigger discovers her ties to ailing gangster Victor Santiago, unraveling a web connecting present criminal factions to historical figures. As Trigger digs deeper, someone with a deadly motive emerges, and the ghosts of Bronzeville may come back to haunt her. Will Trigger unveil the truth before becoming the next target in this gripping mystery?

The Bronzeville Ghosts

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