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The 13th Prospect Stranded on Stony Island

In the gritty heart of Chicago, Black's chill Sunday shatters when Professor Moore pulls him into a twisted dance with danger. She's got a date with Sheek Green, the Beer Baron, and she needs Black to be the referee. What starts as a favor takes a deadly turn, and Black realizes he's caught in Moore's lethal game.


Fresh out of a 55-year stretch, Yehohanan Daniels just wants a clean slate. But Professor Moore has other plans, yanking him straight into the crossfire with Sheek Green's underworld drama.


The clock ticks louder as Black races to save Moore and Daniels from Sheek's clutches. Cue Chioma Musa Ibrahim, a wildcard from Nigeria, and the stakes skyrocket. In a city pulsating with killers, Black and Chioma plunge headfirst into the chaos. Can they outsmart the odds and snatch Moore and Daniels from the jaws of certain doom? Get ready for a white-knuckle ride in the explosive sixth chapter of the Black Love Detective Series: "The 13th Prospect Stranded on Stony Island." The streets are hot, and the danger's even hotter.

The 13th Prospect Stranded on Stony Island

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