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Spanish Guitar

In the gritty streets of Chicago, Black Love, a seasoned private investigator with a penchant for solving mysteries, finds himself entangled in a web of crime and treachery. His latest case begins when Isadora Rocha, an enigmatic woman, seeks his expertise in locating a priceless antique guitar crafted by Osmar Álvares Macêdo and Adolfo 'Dodô' Nascimento in 1942.


The prime suspect in the guitar's disappearance is Patel, a shadowy figure operating in the black-market antiquities trade with galleries scattered across Chicago. As Black Love delves deeper into the case, he discovers a complex underworld where greed and rivalry intersect.


To add fuel to the fire, Victoria Cage and Benny Gates, fierce rivals, and treasure hunters, join the pursuit of the elusive guitar. Their cutthroat competition introduces a new layer of complications when one of them is brutally attacked and left in a coma. As Black Love races against time to solve the mystery, a crucial clue that could lead to the guitar's whereabouts mysteriously vanishes.


With danger lurking at every turn, Black Love must navigate a perilous landscape of deception, betrayal, and hidden motives. "Spanish Guitar" is a riveting crime fiction tale that explores the dark underbelly of Chicago's criminal underworld, where the quest for a musical artifact unravels a sinister plot with consequences that reverberate through the city's shadows.

Spanish Guitar

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