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Say It With Bullets

Jadé Slack is a renowned mercenary/fixer—or detective for tax purposes—originally from Botswana and now prowling the gritty streets of Chicago. She takes on the cases other detectives won’t touch, thriving in a world where moral high grounds are nothing but obstacles.


Enter Evelyn Martinez, a bronze-skinned blonde bombshell whose beauty is matched only by her shadiness. Evelyn's husband, Michaël Martinez, has vanished, taking off with another woman and $3 million in savings. Evelyn offers Jadé $100,000 to locate Michaël, and a quarter million more if she can bring him back along with the stolen money before he blows it all. This is exactly the kind of challenge Jadé lives for.


Jadé knows this won't be a simple hunt. Michaël isn't just hiding; he's running, and getting him back into the states will be a nightmare. As she dives into the search, she discovers she’s not the only one after Michaël. Derek Stone, a lethal hired gun from Los Angeles with a dangerous history with Jadé, is also on the trail. Derek's resume includes freelance wet work for military private security companies in the US, UK, and Russia, as well as jobs for African crime syndicates and Haitian gangs in the favelas.


The chase hurtles Jadé through a labyrinth of betrayal and bloodshed. Every corner hides a threat, every shadow a potential assassin. She must stay one step ahead of Derek, a man as ruthless as he is relentless, while facing an unforeseen enemy that lurks in the darkness, complicating the mission even further.


As Jadé tracks Michaël through the underworld's most dangerous territories, she realizes this case is more than a simple retrieval. It’s a high-stakes game where trust is scarce, danger is constant, and every move could be her last. The deeper she goes, the darker it gets, unraveling a conspiracy that threatens to engulf her.


In this lethal game of cat and mouse, Jadé Slack knows one truth above all: in her world, sometimes the only way to get your point across is to say it is with bullets.

Say It With Bullets

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