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Sacred Grounds

In the riveting sequel to "Danielle Lovelace: A Murder in New Delhi," the adrenaline-fueled journey continues in "Sacred Grounds." Danielle Lovelace, battered and on the run, seeks refuge with a clandestine group of holy women who harbor her in the shadows. While evading relentless assassins and staying one step ahead of local authorities compromised by corruption, Danielle soon discovers that the sanctuary she's found comes at a steep price.


As she recuperates under the protection of the mysterious sisterhood, Danielle begins to unravel the layers of secrecy surrounding her caregivers. The holy women harbor their own motives and clandestine operations, forcing Danielle into a perilous dilemma – whether to align herself with their cause or risk becoming their unwitting pawn.


Enter a tenacious new player on the scene, an American agent determined to apprehend Danielle and bring her back to the United States to face trial for her alleged crimes. The stakes are higher than ever as these two formidable women, each driven by their own motivations, embark on a collision course. With danger lurking around every corner, Danielle must navigate the treacherous terrain of alliances and betrayals, choosing between self-preservation and becoming entangled in a web of intrigue.


"Sacred Grounds" unfolds as a heart-pounding thriller where alliances are fleeting, and trust is a precious commodity. As Danielle faces the relentless pursuit of both assassins and government agents, the line between friend and foe blurs, and she must confront her own moral compass. In a high-stakes game of survival, the tension escalates as the clash between Danielle and her pursuers hurtles toward a gripping climax. Will Danielle emerge unscathed from the sacred grounds, or will she succumb to the dangerous forces closing in on her from all sides?

Sacred Grounds

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