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Purple Reign

Trigger Brown on vacation in Minnesota for a family reunion had plans to do nothing but eat lots of grilled food and spend time with loved ones. All of that is put on hold when she is pulled into a family crisis concerning her younger cousin Toni Brown and her boyfriend Miles “Clientele” Hayes. Toni had loved Miles for as far back as she could remember and would do almost anything for him, him being a hustler is what attracted her to him even when they were kids now the street life didn’t have the same allure as it once had she begged him daily to give up the dangerous lifestyle now she fears it may be too late. He’s gone missing and she’s convinced Trigger to help find him.

All Miles “Clientele” Hayes ever wanted to do was live a quiet and simple life with his high school sweetheart Toni. He kept her far from the ills of his day to day job. Clientele was a stick-up man. Just one last job and he could graduate from college with his degree in engineering and say goodbye to the streets forever. With his crew Infinity and Grease they pull off the biggest robbery of their career, they leave a witness who may pose a threat. They also have someone gunning for them for murdering his friend. Will they get the witness and the killer that’s after them before it’s too late? Or will Clientele lose everything he’s tried so hard to hold on to…including Toni?

In this fast-paced story of love, life, and loyalty friendships and trust are tested, will Trigger find out the truth and save Miles from certain death before it’s too late?

Purple Reign

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