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The Detective & The Criminal

In the fifth Black Love novel, Black finds himself dealing with ghosts from his past in his next case when Pepper Red steps back into his life, an old school gangster with ghosts of her own that he feels obligated to help her sort out.


On top of that trying to balance his cases with his chaotic personal life. His long-term fling has dropped an unexpected bomb in his lap, he finds himself an unexpected protector of children as the more he tries to get away from that title placed upon him the more they are drawn to him for help first with Johnny, the nephew of an Irish gangster that unexpectedly pops up on his doorstep, then with Joanne, the daughter of the missing person’s detective that he helped rescue on a previous case.


Crooked politicians, gangsters, and the Chicago police Special Operations unit all after him in one way or another will Black sort it all out and help Pepper Red and the others before it’s too late? Or will he see his demise? In book five of the Black Love Detective series the stakes are rising in a game where everyone has something to lose Black learns when everything is on the line there is a thin line between being a Criminal and a Detective.

The Detective & The Criminal

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