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Operation Elder Shield

Amidst the shadows of uncertainty, Danielle Lovelace has made a fateful decision: she will live and die on the hill of her choices. Embracing her role as the leader of an elite Black Ops team, Danielle is now running alongside a band of allies, a renegade force that operates beyond the boundaries of the law. The allure of returning to the acceptable side of the law has dwindled, and in the wake of her harrowing experiences, Danielle questions whether that path is even worth pursuing.


As Danielle and her team navigate the perilous terrain of their clandestine operations, the relentless F.B.I. agent Ramona Garcia relentlessly pursues her. Garcia is a tenacious force, driven to bring Danielle in—dead or alive. Breaking the law is a mere inconvenience for Garcia, who will stop at nothing to enforce justice.


In the heart-pounding thriller "Danielle Lovelace: Operation Elder Shield," Danielle faces relentless attacks, each one more intense than the last. The question looms: can she emerge unscathed from the onslaught of danger, or will her past finally catch up with her? The stakes are high, and as the relentless pursuit intensifies, Danielle must rely on her wits, skills, and the unbreakable bond with her team to outsmart her pursuer.


With fast-paced action and heart-stopping twists, "Operation Elder Shield" catapults readers into a world where alliances are forged in the fire of adversity, and survival depends on living and dying on the decisions made on this perilous hill. In the gripping fifth installment of the Danielle Lovelace series, the line between right and wrong blurs, and the adrenaline-fueled journey propels readers into the pulse-pounding heart of a high-stakes thriller.

Operation Elder Shield

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