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Life Ain't Cheap, You're Better Off Dead

In "Life Ain't Cheap, You're Better Off Dead," the second gripping installment in the Jadé Slack series, the sharp-witted and tenacious investigator Jadé Slack is thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Invited to a seemingly benign dinner party at an opulent mansion in Chicago's prestigious Gold Coast, Jadé quickly discovers that this is no ordinary gathering.


As soon as Jadé arrives, a shocking murder occurs, setting off a chilling chain of events. The enigmatic host, Francis Bettencourt III, a wealthy equestrian with a penchant for elaborate schemes, reveals his sinister plan: an elite group of eight detectives from across the Midwest must solve the murder, or every hour, another guest will be killed.

Among the guests are a diverse and intriguing cast of characters:


  • Rhett Gates: A consultant for Chicago's homicide department, recently exonerated from a high-profile wrongful death shooting clouded by allegations of racial bias.
  • Kai and Kennedy Cossell: Millionaire YouTube streamers and ghost hunters, known for their sensational and often controversial investigations.
  • Cokilah "Cocaine The Bounty Hunter" Cardosa: A fearsome and relentless bounty hunter with a reputation that precedes her.
  • Brandon Rhodes: A first-year narcotics detective who narrowly escaped indictment by Internal Affairs for allegedly stealing drugs from the evidence room.

None of the detectives, including Jadé, want any part of Bettencourt's twisted game.


However, with the mansion's doors locked and no way out, they are forced to participate, knowing that failure means certain death. As they delve deeper into the mystery, collecting clues and piecing together the puzzle, dark and uncomfortable truths about each detective's past begin to surface.


The stakes are raised even higher with the promise of a $5 million prize for whoever solves the case. But this lucrative reward comes with a dire warning: trust no one. In a tense race against time, alliances will be tested, secrets will be unveiled, and moral boundaries will be pushed to their limits.


As the clock ticks and the body count rises, Jadé must use all her cunning and skill to navigate this deadly game, uncover the killer, and survive the night. "Life Ain't Cheap, You're Better Off Dead" is a riveting tale of suspense, betrayal, and survival, where the price of failure is your life.

Life Ain't Cheap, You're Better Off Dead

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