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Hard Liquor After Midnight

In the gripping 10th installment of the Black Love Detective Series, titled "Hard Liquor After Midnight," alliances blur and loyalties are tested when Black, facing dire circumstances, reluctantly teams up with a former adversary,  Cocaine, the bounty hunter. Their uneasy collaboration is fueled by a common goal: finding their missing friend, Parker, who vanished under mysterious circumstances.


As the duo delves into the investigation, they confront a maze of uncertainty. The primary suspects, the vengeful Romano family, seek retribution after Black's cunning maneuvers humiliated them in front of Chicago's other powerful families. In a city where enemies greet you with a smile and friends kiss you before they kill you, Black must navigate the treacherous terrain, deciphering friend from foe.


Amidst the chaos, Liquorice Cardosa, a spirited and enigmatic presence, intertwines herself into Black's world. Her passionate pursuit of him veers between overwhelming and alluring, leaving Black grappling with hidden motives that may consume him.


In "Hard Liquor After Midnight," a sequel to the riveting "Cocaine After Midnight," the gritty streets of Chicago set the stage for a thrilling tale of deception and danger. In a city where alliances are fragile and betrayals are inevitable, Black races against time to unravel the web of intrigue. Will he untangle the threads of deception before it's too late? Discover the answers in this electrifying installment, where the line between friend and foe blurs, and the truth is a rare commodity.

Hard Liquor After Midnight

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