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Ghostface Killaz

In the treacherous world of crime, Detective Black Love's enemies multiply with every case he cracks. His unapologetic approach to justice has garnered him a growing list of foes, each more dangerous than the last. After dismantling the notorious Babyface Killaz, Black finds himself targeted by the enigmatic Noir Queen, a vengeful force with a score to settle.


Noir Queen doesn't just want to eliminate Black; she aims to obliterate everything and everyone he holds dear. As the threat looms, Black faces the dilemma of whether to retaliate or adopt a defensive stance. However, past promises tie his hands, forcing him to navigate a precarious path where self-defense could mean crossing allies and creating new enemies.


Amidst the chaos, a familiar face arrives in town, offering assistance. Despite harboring suspicions, Black reluctantly accepts the help. Paranoia sets in as bodies pile up, making it increasingly difficult for him to discern friend from foe. In this high-stakes game, Black must draw upon every ounce of his resilience to go toe-to-toe with the relentless Ghostface Killaz.


In "Ghostface Killaz: A Black Love Detective Story Book 13," the tension escalates, alliances are tested, and Black Love must confront the shadows of his past while battling a formidable new adversary. As the stakes rise, readers will be on the edge of their seats, gripped by the fast-paced twists and turns of this electrifying crime fiction thriller. Will Black Love emerge victorious, or will the Ghostface Killaz claim their latest victim? The answers lie within the pages of this gripping and relentless saga.

Ghostface Killaz

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