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Exposed to Game

In the gritty realm of crime fiction, where legendary detectives are defined by their relentless nemeses, Trigger Brown steps into the spotlight, facing a nemesis unlike any other: Game Rodgers. Hailing from the mean streets of Baldwin Hills, CA, Game descends upon the South Side of Chicago with a mission to cleanse the city, employing ruthless tactics to establish herself as a self-proclaimed Gangologist.


The tension escalates when the ominous shadows of Chicago cast a dark pall over Trigger's life. A mentorship connection turns tragic when a teenage boy she guided is brutally murdered. This personal loss propels Trigger into a one-woman quest for justice, vowing to unravel the mystery behind the heinous crime.


As Trigger delves deeper into the abyss, she encounters Josephine LaRoche, a former judge turned enigmatic collaborator with the Chicago police and prosecutor's office. A powerhouse in the social sphere, LaRoche is the undisputed Queen of blogs, podcast phenom, a YouTube sensation, and a darling of the black socialite scene. Her self-appointed mission: to dismantle the destructive degenerate behavior culture within the black community.


Amidst the chaos, Trigger finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue with no discernible connections. The puzzle becomes increasingly complex as Trigger strives to connect the dots between Game Rodgers, Josephine LaRoche, and the tragic fate of her young protégé.


With each layer peeled back, Trigger is forced to confront not only the external threats but also her inner demons. The pursuit of justice transforms into a journey of self-discovery, testing Trigger's limits and challenging her very essence.


In this relentless descent into the heart of darkness within the "Trigger Brown Mystery" series, the stakes reach a crescendo, and the game transforms into a lethal dance. As Trigger Brown plunges into the shadows, navigating a treacherous path, the chilling truth looms: will she emerge as the predator or succumb to the insidious forces that lurk in Chicago's unforgiving streets? In a city where every secret has a price, Trigger must decide whether to conquer the game or become its darkest casualty.

Exposed to Game

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