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Disgraced Detective John "Crawfish" Crawford, haunted by his troubled past, returns to the vibrant and mysterious streets of New Orleans, taking on the role of a private investigator. Little does he know that his journey into the murky world of crime is about to become even more convoluted.


The story kicks off with Crawfish awakening in the opulent surroundings of a mansion, disoriented and in the company of a mysterious woman. A pile of bloody cash at his feet serves as a gruesome reminder of a night he can't recall. The enigma deepens as Crawfish struggles to piece together the events leading to this bewildering situation.

Enter Scarlit Rojo, the alluring mistress of Gabriell Baptise, brother to eccentric billionaire Briélle Baptise. Scarlit, both seductive and desperate, entices Crawfish into a web of deceit by hiring him to investigate the suspicious death of her nephew, which the police have labeled a homicide. As Crawfish delves into the case, he discovers that the lead investigator is none other than his former partner, Detective Theriot.


The stakes escalate when Crawfish learns that Theriot still views him as the prime suspect in the unresolved case involving the disappearance of ten million dollars and half a million dollars' worth of diamonds. As he navigates the treacherous waters of the investigation, Crawfish must confront not only the shadows of his past but also the present dangers that lurk around every corner.


Complicating matters further, Crawfish receives distressing news about his son, Lil John, who has fallen victim to a brutal beating. The source of the brutality leads Crawfish to Xavier Philippe, the notorious loan shark ruling the underbelly of New Orleans. However, the true debtor is revealed to be Crawfish's ex-wife, Thandiwe, and he must race against time to settle the score before the escalating debt turns deadly.


In "Embalm," Crawfish finds himself entangled in a complex web of deceit, betrayal, and danger, where each step he takes unravels a new layer of mystery. As he fights to clear his name, protect his loved ones, and unearth the truth, Crawfish must confront the demons that threaten to engulf him in the shadows of the Crescent City.


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