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Beta Female

Danesha finds herself yet again enthralled in a game of cat and mouse, a game where if you lose you die! The same threat, new players by sparing Cheyenne, she placed herself back in harm’s way Cheyenne although paralyzed acting as a consigliere has allied with Tiffany Awsum the daughter of the woman that she killed, without the use of her body she finds herself only armed with her mind, Danesha may find that Cheyenne is maybe even more dangerous than before.


Tiffany Awsum may have bitten off more than she could chew, but her heart burns with revenge, feeling that Danesha and her father were the underline reason behind her mother being killed she’s out for not only blood but to take what she feels she’s owed; she wants her father’s operation, and she wants it over his dead body.


Tela Kendricks didn’t want this life, but she inherited it, daughter of a Triad boss she was shunned for marrying Kendricks a Black Gangster. Now that he’s on the run from the law and everything that they worked hard for may be taken away, she not only steps up to run Kendricks’s operation while he’s in hiding she also bankrolls Cheyenne and Tiffany to bring Danesha down and help clear Kendricks's name.


Will this ragtag group of women be able to work together for a common goal? Or are the three biting off more than they can chew? In this chess board called life can a Beta survive going head-to-head against Alphas? Find out in Dope Fiction III Beta Female.

Beta Female

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