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Gamma Female

After burning bridges with her uncle and grandmother in Detroit, Tiffany Awsum barely escapes with her life. Desperate and destitute, she flees to Chicago with no money, no plan, and no allies. The city is unforgiving, but Tiffany finds a glimmer of hope in Gorilla Greg, a hardened survivor with his own troubled past. Together, they form a tenuous alliance, determined to stay one step ahead of her ruthless Uncle Noble and his relentless crew, who are hell-bent on tracking her down.


As Tiffany and Greg navigate the treacherous streets of Chicago, they start to find their footing in the underworld. Slowly but surely, they begin to earn money through a series of small-time hustles and schemes. Just when they think they're gaining ground, they cross paths with Ken and Karen Buchanan, a seemingly ordinary couple who are, in reality, the middlemen for the powerful Ladrón Cartel's distribution network in Chicago. The Buchanans are cunning and dangerous, posing a significant threat to Tiffany and Greg's newfound stability.


The situation becomes even more complicated when someone from Tiffany's past resurfaces, bringing with them old grudges and unresolved conflicts. This unexpected reunion threatens to unravel everything Tiffany has worked for, putting her and Greg in even greater peril.


Amidst the chaos, Tiffany encounters Gary Follett, a young, ambitious first-year detective with a single-minded determination to take her down. However, as Gary delves deeper into Tiffany's world, he becomes dangerously entangled with her, blurring the lines between duty and desire. Gary's growing obsession with Tiffany jeopardizes his career and personal life, leading to a high-stakes game of cat and mouse that neither can afford to lose.


As Tiffany struggles to survive in a city where trust is scarce and danger lurks around every corner, she must rely on her wits, her resilience, and her unlikely alliances. With Uncle Noble closing in, the Ladrón Cartel's shadow looming large, and Detective Follett hot on her trail, Tiffany faces her toughest challenge yet. Will she manage to stay ahead of her enemies and carve out a new life for herself, or will her past finally catch up with her, sealing her fate?

Gamma Female

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