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Alpha Female

From friends to foes, the East Side of Indy turns into a war zone when Cheyenne comes home from prison bent on revenge. Targeting her former crew for death one by one will she get all involved and settle the score or will she herself end up dead?

Danesha is a dedicated cop…..dedicated to herself that is. With Cheyenne on her heels to kill her, an overzealous detective tracking her every move, and a drug kingpin looking to take her out too, can she take them all on and come out on top? Or will someone catch her slipping and put an end to her?

Niome is a good girl gone bad when her mother is killed and she is left all alone she builds a relationship with an unlikely ally to help avenge her mother’s death. Indianapolis is the setting for this tale of crooked friendships and straight killers when the lives of these three different women cross paths lies and truth get blurred it will take everything they have within to distinguish fact from Dope Fiction.

Alpha Female

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