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Don't Cry White Boy, You're Going To Live

In "Don't Cry White Boy, You're Going To Live," the latest installment in the gripping Black Love Detective series, Black Love faces his most perplexing case yet. The narrative unfolds as Conner Smith, steps into his office looking beaten, frightened and covered in blood. A chilling atmosphere sets in as Conner reveals he has witnessed a brutal murder.


Black Love, known for his unyielding commitment to justice, hesitates between involving the police and helping Conner. However, when shady looking characters claiming to be law enforcement officers come knocking, Black decides to take matters into his own hands to protect the terrified Conner.


The plot thickens as Black investigates Conner's account of a murder in Boys Town, only to find that the supposed victim is alive and well. A maze of deception unravels as Black, accompanied by Stranger, his newfound amnesiac assistant, navigates through the murky waters of crime and corruption. The complexity deepens when he reports Conner's claims to the Child Protection Services and his acquaintance, Bunchy Carter, a missing person's detective.


The puzzle takes an unexpected turn when Bunchy reveals that the person Conner claimed to have seen murdered is, in fact, deceased. Shockingly, the informant who reported the crime now accuses Conner of being the perpetrator. Black Love finds himself entangled in a web of conflicting truths, unsure of Conner's role in the unfolding drama.


In "Don't Cry White Boy, You're Going To Live," Black Love must navigate a shadowy landscape of deceit, corruption, and hidden motives to uncover the truth behind Conner's claims. As the lines between witness and murderer blur, Black Love races against time to untangle the web of lies and reveal the dark secrets concealed within the heart of Boys Town.

Don't Cry White Boy, You're Going To Live

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