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Delta Female

In "Delta Female," the fourth gripping installment of the Dope Fiction series, Zarra Awsum, finds herself entangled in a web of familial betrayal and street warfare. The story begins with Zarra facing a dire situation, forced to hunt down her own flesh and blood, her niece Tiffany. The turmoil started when Tiffany's father was shot and left for dead, an incident that Zarra squarely blames on her wayward niece.


As the narrative unfolds, we discover that Tiffany has sought refuge with her grandmother, Pepper Red, an old-school gangster with a notorious past. Hiding out in the gritty urban landscape of Detroit the duo navigates the dangerous terrain, aligning themselves with the shadows and secrets of the city.


Unwilling to lie low and fueled by a rebellious determination, Tiffany decides to make her move on the unforgiving streets of Detroit. Her quest for power and underworld dominance leads her to clash with Colby Límon, a formidable figure who runs an after-hours cathouse with deep ties to the enigmatic Russian Mob. The battle for dominance between Tiffany and Colby sets the stage for an intense power struggle, where alliances are tested, and loyalties are shattered.


Adding another layer of complexity to the story is Gorilla Greg, a rising star in Noble's crew. Tasked to keep a watchful eye on Tiffany, the two clashes as their worlds collide. The tension escalates, and the situation becomes increasingly awkward as family ties intertwine with the dangerous currents of street life and organized crime.


"Delta Female" is a riveting tale of family, betrayal, and the gritty underworld, where the past and present collide, setting the stage for a high-stakes showdown. As Tiffany faces the challenges posed by her own blood and the ruthless forces of the streets, the story unfolds into a captivating narrative of survival and vendetta in the unforgiving urban jungle of Detroit.

Delta Female

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