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Dead Before Morning

In the gritty underbelly of Chicago, where deception is a way of life, Rhys and Tilly barely get by as middle-aged grifters, dancing on the thin line between deceit and survival. As a seasoned husband and wife team, they've honed their skills in short cons, reveling in the thrill of the chase, but somehow still living hand to mouth. But when an opportunity too enticing to pass up presents itself, they plunge into the dangerous realm of a long con that could redefine their lives forever.


The mark is a hustler named Angel Salvatore, who lords over an underground casino with ruthless cunning. The jackpot they're after is immense, promising to be the ultimate payday they've all dreamed of. Eager to seize the chance, Rhys and Tilly enlist the help of a long-time associate named Sporty, a mastermind in his own right. With him on their side, they believe they have what it takes to pull off the impossible heist.


Yet, as the web of deceit tightens, trust begins to unravel between the four conspirators. Secrets, doubts, and old grudges surface, threatening to tear apart the fragile alliance. Just when they think they have everything under control, an unexpected woman enters the scene. Beautiful and enigmatic, she could be the key to their triumph or the catalyst for their downfall.


As the stakes escalate, each step forward is shadowed by the looming danger of betrayal and the haunting prospect of a failed plan. With the law closing in and rival criminals hot on their heels, Rhys and Tilly must navigate a treacherous maze of lies, betrayal, and shifting alliances. The question remains: will they achieve the score of a lifetime, or will their gamble cost them everything?


In "Dead Before Morning," the electrifying first book of the "Rhys & Tilly Series," the walls between criminal vs. criminal begins to crumble, and loyalties are put to the ultimate test. With the specter of death and incarceration breathing down their necks, will this daring duo outwit fate, or will they pay the price for their audacity? Amidst the chaotic whirlwind of crime and passion, one thing is certain: not everyone will make it out alive.

Dead Before Morning

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