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War Sword Report

In the gripping sequel to "Danielle Lovelace: Vigilante for Hire," Antwan Floyd Sr. presents "Danielle Lovelace: The War Sword Report," an action-packed thriller set against the backdrop of international intrigue and personal vendettas.


Danielle Lovelace, a former FBI agent wrongly accused of a murder in Germany, is on the run from Interpol, the United States Government, and the German authorities. Forced to abandon her career, she seeks refuge in Jamaica, only to find herself relentlessly pursued back in the United States. Desperate and cornered, Lovelace takes on covert Black Ops missions to survive.


Her life takes a perilous turn when a shadowy client blackmails her into a race against time to locate a mysterious artifact known as the War Sword. With a 72-hour deadline, failure means the targeted assassination of U.S. Senators. As Lovelace delves into the dangerous world of covert operations, a rival operative emerges, intensifying the urgency of her mission. Unraveling family secrets from her past only complicates matters, thrusting Lovelace into a web of betrayal and deception.


Adding to the chaos, a former ally, Hawkes, turns adversary with a personal vendetta, determined to bring her in, dead or alive. As the stakes escalate and loyalties are tested, Lovelace faces a critical decision—can she bring herself to confront Hawkes, or will she succumb to the mounting pressure?


In "Danielle Lovelace: The War Sword Report," Antwan Floyd Sr. masterfully weaves a tale of suspense, action, and personal redemption, propelling readers into a high-stakes world where one woman's skills are put to the ultimate test. Will Lovelace overcome the odds, or will the shadows of her past finally catch up with her?

War Sword Report

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