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Vigilante For Hire

"Danielle Lovelace: Vigilante for Hire" catapults readers into a world where justice walks a razor-thin line, and survival demands ruthless resolve. Danielle Irving, once an exemplary FBI Special Victims Specialist driven by compassion, finds her life upended when an unexpected visit from her estranged father thrusts her into a nightmare. Her reckless sister has vanished, and Danielle is hell-bent on tracking her down, no matter the cost.


But in the gritty streets of Cologne, Germany, Danielle's mission takes a deadly twist. She narrowly escapes an assassination attempt and is cunningly framed for murder. Forced into the shadows, she allies with a enigmatic woman willing to smuggle her out of the country. However, in this ruthless world, every helping hand conceals a hidden agenda, and benevolence carries a heavy price tag.


Danielle is hurled headfirst into a maelstrom of espionage and bloodshed, where truth is a rare commodity, often buried beneath layers of deceit. As the clock ticks down, Danielle must confront the blurred line between her moral ideals and the ruthless pragmatism needed for her survival.


In this heart-pounding urban thriller, readers will journey across continents, sharing Danielle's relentless quest. She faces a gut-wrenching choice: to be a beacon of justice or a mercenary for hire. "Danielle Lovelace: Vigilante for Hire" is the explosive debut of a relentless trilogy that will keep you gripped, desperate to discover if Danielle can rescue her sister and evade capture, or if she'll meet her demise in a world where the edge is the only ground she knows.

Vigilante For Hire

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