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Cocanie After Midnight

Summers in Chicago can be wild and unpredictable, Black sees it firsthand when his old friend and business partner Parker Harris comes home from his stint in the penitentiary. Black thought it would be back to business as usual with the Love Detective Agency, being that it was Parker’s idea to go into business together in the first place. Black is shocked to find out that Parker wants nothing to do with the business and he has thrown his hat in the ring as a bounty hunter of all things. No hard feelings, every man has a right to earn a living the way he sees fit, at least that’s the way Black saw it he gave Parker his cut from the business and his blessings and parted ways. . . until he found himself at odds with Parker’s boss Cocaine the Bounty Hunter when his case intersects with a bounty their hunting things get personal between the three.


Cassie Day, a music A&R to a local rock n roll company hires Black to find her little brother “Guido” Aurelio Day who has jumped bail. Not only does she want Black to find her brother before Cocaine and Parker, but she also wants Black to clear his name for the murder he was arrested for, she’s adamant that he didn’t commit. Black walks a razorblade tightrope as he races to find Cassie’s brother before Cocaine, the police, and an up-and-coming Italian crew who call themselves the Romano family that Aurelio once worked for who aim to see him dead if they get their hands on him.


Will this case cause a wider rift between Black and Parker? Will Cocaine outsmart Black, find Aurelio first and collect her bounty? Or will Black outsmart them all, find Aurelio, and clear his name before he’s captured or killed? Find out in the latest edition to the Black Love Detective Series: Cocaine After Midnight- A Black Love Detective Story Book 9.

Cocanie After Midnight

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