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Best Laid Plans

As Rhys and Tilly revel in the success of their latest con, and substantial payday open doors to a world of lucrative opportunities. Operating seamlessly throughout the Midwest and South, the grifter duo ascends into a higher tax bracket, savoring the fruits of their carefully orchestrated schemes.


However, amidst the triumph, shadows loom. The alliance formed with Sporty and his friend, once a key to their victory, has unraveled into betrayal and enmity. Sporty, fueled by a vengeful vendetta, now seeks to dismantle Rhys and Tilly's hard-earned empire. His goal extends beyond financial ruin; he aims to tarnish their names, leaving a permanent scar on their reputation in the criminal underworld.


To safeguard their lives, newfound fortune, and legacy, Rhys and Tilly are compelled to embark on one final, high-stakes heist. The job serves as the ultimate gambit to sever ties with Sporty and his relentless pursuit, but the risks are monumental. As they navigate a perilous path, the couple grapples with the weight of their choices. The line between ally and enemy blurs, alliances shift, and the intricate web of deceit threatens to entangle them.


In this pulse-pounding conclusion to the Rhys & Tilly series, the duo must confront the possibility that even the best-laid plans can unravel. As the tension escalates, and the heist unfolds, the cost of their actions becomes increasingly apparent. Will Rhys and


Tilly emerge victorious, or will the shadows of betrayal cast a permanent darkness over their hard-fought success? In a world where trust is a rare commodity, and alliances are fleeting, the couple must navigate the treacherous waters of deceit and danger to secure their future.

Best Laid Plans

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