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Babyface Killaz

In the gritty urban landscape where survival is earned and alliances are forged in the crucible of the streets, Lakota Iron Eyes, Frankie Dreás, and JD Hammer are bound by a shared history of hardship. Raised with next to nothing, they've clawed their way up, taking on jobs that paint their names across the canvas of street notoriety. With each successful venture, the stakes rise, and the trio ascends further into the shadows.


Enter Sapphire, the enigmatic daughter of Stone, a connection that unexpectedly intertwines the lives of Lakota, Frankie, and JD. When passion ignites between Sapphire and Frankie, the flames burn hotter and more volatile than the mean streets they call home. Their love becomes a battleground, a clash of desires that threatens to consume them both. Sapphire, realizing the danger, seeks an escape route before the inferno consumes her entirely. In the chaos of their tumultuous relationship, she finds an unexpected ally in one of the unlikeliest figures, someone who holds the key to her salvation.


As the web of relationships tightens, Black, the linchpin of this gritty tale, finds himself facing a threat that transcends the code of the streets. When those he cares about the most are targeted, Black transforms into a relentless protector, crossing the blurred lines between right and wrong. With a steely determination, he embarks on a journey to ensure that justice prevails and the wrongs inflicted upon his loved ones are set right.


In "Babyface Killaz: The Black Love Detective Story Book 12," alliances will be tested, loyalties will be shattered, and the characters will navigate a labyrinth of danger, passion, and redemption. As the pulse of the city quickens, the trio's ascent continues, but the cost of their journey may prove higher than any street currency. In a world where survival is earned and love is a double-edged blade, the trio must confront their demons and make choices that will shape not only their destinies but the very soul of the city they call home.

Babyface Killaz

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